Earthli Plant-Powered Superfoods Inc. is a new socially-conscious Canadian health food provider based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. For consumers seeking plant-based nutrition as a lifestyle choice to promote bodily health and support earth-friendly practices, Earthli provides wholesome products with the outstanding superfood and ecological benefits afforded by sustainably-grown hemp.

Hemp grown for food and fibre is a hearty, pest-resistant crop, which negates the need for pesticides and herbicides. The hemp varieties we use are ideally suited to the unique soil and growing conditions found on Canada’s East Coast.

All of the hemp used in Earthli products has been grown by trusted farmers in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island on Canada’s East Coast. Our hemp is produced at our partner facility in Windsor, Nova Scotia.

Adoption of Earthli’s plant-based products is a win for the planet. Hemp provides protein and nutrients in a sustainable fashion that is superior to the equivalent nutritional yields available through animal-based products.